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  • Brannon choate on

    This is Dennis Thee Menace OG outa Fresno, California. I LOVE THE RBL POSSE. THAT’S MY MAIN TUNES RIGHT THERE. I GET SHIT FROM MY HOMIES ALL THE TIME, “Saying man put on something else for while all you play is RBL POSSE”. Merry Christmas to all the OG BALLERS!! From the 559 to the 415

  • Mac Lag on

    The only thing that could have made this track better, is if Mr. C and Hitman busted a few rhymes on it.

  • Damar Redeem Johnson on

    I jus watch this video for the first time and jus tapped in wit u last night. The part where u say I help u get right hit home cuz u got at me

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